Design and Synthesis of New Chiral Calix[4]arenes as Liquid Phase Extraction Agents for α-Amino Acid Methylesters and Chiral α-Amines


DOI: 10.1007/s10847-005-0697-8

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Tabakci, M., Tabakci, B. & Yilmaz, M. J Incl Phenom Macrocycl Chem (2005) 53: 51. doi:10.1007/s10847-005-0697-8


The article describes the synthesis and extraction properties of new (S)-(-)-1-phenylethylamine substituted p-tert-butylcalix[4]arene/calix[4]arene. These compounds have been synthesized via nucleophilic substitution reactions involving 5,11,17,23-tetra-tert-butyl-25,26,27,28-tetra(2-hydroxyethoxy)calix[4]arene (4a), or 5,11,17,23-tetra-H-25,26,27,28-tetra(2-hydroxyethoxy)calix[4]arene (4b) with (S)-(-)-1-phenylethylamine in dry THF. The extraction properties of ligands 5a and 5b towards the some selected α-amino acid methylesters and chiral α-amines are also reported. It has been observed that receptor 5a was an excellent ionophore for α-amino acid methylesters/α-amines and good extractant than 5b. However, both of the ligands did not display any selectivity towards the configurations of this species.


amino acid methylesterscalixarenechiral separationextraction

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  • Mustafa Tabakci
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