, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp 293-314,
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Date: 10 Nov 2010

Application of analysis of variance and post hoc comparisons to studying the discriminative power of sound parameters in distinguishing between musical instruments


In this paper, the influence of the selected sound features on distinguishing between musical instruments is presented. The features were chosen basing on our previous research. Coherent groups of features were created on the basis of significant features, according to the parameterization method applied, in order to constitute small, homogenous groups. In this research, we investigate (for each feature group separately) if there exist significant differences between means of these features for the studied instruments. We apply analysis of variance along with post hoc comparisons in the form of homogeneous groups, defined by mean values of the investigated features for our instruments. If a statistically significant difference is found, then the homogenous group is established. Such a group may consist of only one instrument (distinguished by this feature), or more (instruments similar with respect to this feature). The results show which instruments can be best discerned by which features.