, Volume 42, Issue 1, pp 193-199
Date: 07 May 2011

Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer: Formen der Anschauung

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There are two basic approaches to the philosophy of mathematics. In the first, philosophy treats mathematics as a specific science and, by reflecting on its history, starting points, and current perspectives, helps it toward its own further, more successful and fruitful development. In this ancillary setting, philosophy is prone to gradually adopt scientific standards, particularly the idea of progress and the practice to simply “go on,” whether there is a reason for it or not. This, in fact, happened to the so-called Grundlagenforschung, represented today particularly by the neologicist or structuralist movements

See, e.g., Shapiro (1997), or Hellman (1989).

which, if one leaves the historical reminiscences and occasional philosophical remarks aside, is sometimes hardly distinguishable from set- or model-theoretical research.

In his book Formen der Anschauung, Eine Philosophie der Mathematik (Forms of Intuition, A Philosophy of Mathematics), Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer explicitly takes th ...