, Volume 28, Issue 6, pp 857-863
Date: 17 Nov 2012

Current State of the Mixed-Signal Test Bus 1149.4

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This paper presents the current state of the IEEE standard for a Mixed-Signal Test Bus 1149.4 and examines proposed modifications and alternatives. The standard was published in 2001 and got its first major update in 2011 which included description language support. Although the standard has not gained high usage in the electronics manufacturing industry, research has been undertaken to improve its usability. The main research topic has been the test methods for discrete components and analog circuits but the usage of the analog test environment for various applications has also been considered. The proposed modifications for 1149.4 aim to exceed the current limitations of the standard such as the inability to perform RF testing or to access problems in multichip packages. The alternatives for the standard are examined, focusing on other testability standards and also emerging standards such as IJTAG. The alternative test methods and standards cannot directly replace the 1149.4, especially on board level mixed-signal testing.

Responsible Editor: M. Margala