, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp 1-13
Date: 14 Nov 2012

Demystifying SWCNT-bundle-interconnects inductive behavior through novel modeling

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Single Wall Carbon NanoTube (SWCNT) bundles have been recognized as a high promising substitution for current unsuitable interconnects. SWCNT bundle is a good conductor that plays heat piping role, as well. Nevertheless, some issues still exist in electrical modeling of the bundles. In this paper, we have demystified SWCNT bundle inductive behavior, by deriving the analytical and accurate closed-form magnetic inductance model of bundles, for the first time. The new model is suitable for the working frequencies of up to at least 10 GHz. Subsequently, two more fast and still highly accurate models of “Approximate” and “Fast Approximate” are developed through the introduction of the novel discrete rectangle GMD concept. Simulations and inspection through these modeling steps, show that the magnetic inductances of a bundle and of a Cu solid wire are almost equal and do not require new modeling. Finally, a notable fact will be underlined. That is in today’s and near-future’s working frequency and interconnect dimensions, the bundle interconnects will not exhibit inductive behavior, although both kinetic and magnetic inductance type effects are being considered.