, Volume 27, Issue 2-3, pp 111-120
Date: 02 Feb 2010

Ontological evaluation of transcriptional differences between sperm of infertile males and fertile donors using microarray analysis

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To catalogue Gene Ontology terms in the sperm of infertile human males vs. donors of proven fertility by analyzing five samples from each of the two groups (five aliquots from fresh sperm and five post-swim-up).


Microarray technology was employed to study the mRNA profile of both fresh and post-swim-up pooled samples from infertile males and donors.


Genes that were differentially expressed in the two populations and expressed in only one of two were analyzed to determine the gene products in terms of their associated Gene Ontology terms. Each group presented a different number and pattern of Gene Ontology terms.


We found differences in Gene Ontology terms between the two groups. These differences could potentially be employed to establish markers of fertility success and to identify cellular processes and complex systems related with male infertility.