, Volume 72, Issue 4, pp 558-563

Optical and Photoelectric Properties of CuGa5Te8 Single Crystals and In/p-CuGa5Te8 Structures

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The transmission spectra of CuGa5Te8 single crystals grown by the Bridgman method at temperatures of 10–300 K have been measured in the region of their intrinsic absorption edge. The energy-gap width of CuGa5Te8 single crystals has been determined, and its temperature dependence has been constructed. Photosensitive, surface-barrier In/p-CuGa5Te8 structures were formed for the first time on the basis of the indicated single crystals, and their photoelectric properties were investigated. It is shown that these structures can be used as broad-range photodetectors of natural radiation.

Translated from Zhurnal Prikladnoi Spektroskopii, Vol. 72, No. 4, pp. 514–518, July–August, 2005.