, Volume 25, Issue 5, pp 765-785
Date: 11 Apr 2011

Floor Brouwer, Teunis van Rheenan, Shivcharn S. Dhillion, and Anna Martha Elgersma (eds.) Sustainable Land Management: Strategies to Cope with the Marginalisation of Agriculture

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As we are told on the back cover, “this book will appeal to those researching and working in the fields of agricultural and resource economics, rural geography, environmental governance and sustainable development.” And indeed, I think that such is the case. The emphasis throughout the book is on the interplay among various forces (social, economic, political, environmental, and climatic) that combine to facilitate what the 24 contributors to the book refer to as the marginalisation of agriculture, that all agree is as an issue that must be addressed. At the same time, these forces may also be leveraged to mitigate marginalisation; how that might be done is woven into the text throughout the book. The focus of the book is primarily on Europe, but a chapter on rural America and another on Japan help round it out, underscoring the idea that the forces, problems, and issues affecting farmers in today’s world are fairly global in nature. Readers of The Journal of Agricultural and Environme ...

Throughout this review the author has chosen to adhere to the spelling of “marginalisation,” that all the contributors to this volume use. For other spellings of certain terms the author adhere to American standards.