, Volume 25, Issue 2, pp 239-241
Date: 18 Sep 2010

Jason Peters (ed.): Wendell Berry: Life and Work

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Wendell Berry: Life and Work, a collection of essays edited by Jason Peters, engages the prominent themes that run throughout Berry’s essays, poetry, novels, and his daily involvement with others. As Peters writes in his introduction, the main goal of this collection is “either to commence an accurate biography or to inaugurate a careful consideration of Berry’s place in American life and letters” (Peters 2010). The operative word in Peters’s statement is “or,” because the essays in this collection fit into either categories of biographies or academic essays. This pairing creates a unique and interesting reading experience because the reader moves from one author’s recollection of the first time he met Berry to a discussion about Berry’s political views as presented in his novels. Usually this presentation would create a disjunctive reading experience, and while this is still true at times, this feeling is mitigated by focusing on Berry, whose intimate connection between his life and w ...