, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp 193-205
Date: 02 Sep 2009

Self-Plagiarism or Appropriate Textual Re-use?

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Self-plagiarism requires clear definition within an environment that places integrity at the heart of the research enterprise. This paper explores the whole notion of self-plagiarism by academics and distinguishes between appropriate and inappropriate textual re-use in academic publications, while considering research on other forms of plagiarism such as student plagiarism. Based on the practical experience of the authors in identifying academics’ self-plagiarism using both electronic detection and manual analysis, a simple model is proposed for identifying self-plagiarism by academics.

An earlier, oral version of this paper was originally presented at the 3rd International Plagiarism Conference, Northumbria University, UK, 21–23 June 2008.
Madmud, previously known as Carapiet.