, Volume 42, Issue 6, pp 1087-1093
Date: 19 Aug 2011

Autism-Specific Primary Care Medical Home Intervention

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Forty-six subjects received primary medical care within an autism-specific medical home intervention (www.autismmedicalhome.com) and 157 controls received standard primary medical care. Subjects and controls had autism spectrum disorder diagnoses. Thirty-four subjects (74%) and 62 controls (40%) completed pre and post surveys. Controlling for pre-survey medical home status, subjects had 250% greater odds of receipt of a medical home at the study end compared to controls (p = 0.021). Compared to controls, subjects receiving the intervention reported significantly more satisfaction (p = 0.0004), greater shared decision making (p = 0.0005) and fewer unmet needs (p = 0.067). However, subjects reported no change in family stress (p = 0.204).

Project Support

Primary Care Clinic Models of Care Delivery Pilot Project, Minnesota Department of Human Services, November 1, 2008–October 31, 2010.