, Volume 39, Issue 3, pp 480-486
Date: 09 Sep 2008

Comparison of Eating Attitudes between Adolescent Girls with and without Asperger Syndrome: Daughters’ and Mothers’ Reports

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Despite the evidence that individuals with Asperger syndrome (AS) have a propensity for being underweight or having comorbid eating disorders, no previous research has compared the eating attitudes of adolescent girls with AS to typically developing peers. This study compared reports of eating problems provided by the adolescent girls themselves (56 with and 56 without AS) and their mothers on the EAT-26. Results indicated that adolescent girls with AS are at a higher risk for eating problems than their typically developing peers according to their reports and the reports of their mothers. Moreover, it was found that although the agreement between mothers’ and daughter’s reports is very satisfactory, mothers of girls with AS report statistically less eating-disordered behaviors than their daughters.