, Volume 37, Issue 8, pp 1403-1412
Date: 03 Nov 2006

Educational Placements and Service Use Patterns of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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This project was undertaken to identify child characteristics associated with educational placement and service use in high-functioning children with autism spectrum disorders. The sample of 101 (nine females) had a mean age of 12 ± 3 years (mean IQ = 101.77 ± 19.50). Results indicate that lower-cognitive ability and communication skill were associated with placement in special education. Based on parent-report, most students stayed in the same placement (regular or special education) in which they began first grade and the majority of students received special services in their schools (most often speech/language intervention). Findings highlight the emphasis placed on certain child characteristics (e.g., cognitive ability), with far less emphasis on other areas (e.g., degree of social deficit), in educational placement and service provision.