, Volume 35, Issue 7-8, pp 693-697

Photocatalytic microreactor study using TiO2-coated porous ceramics

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Two kinds of porous ceramic disks, having through-holes with diameters of 0.1 and 0.05 mm, were coated with TiO2 using two different starting solutions: titanyl(IV)acetylacetonate and a commercial titania sol (STS-01). The morphology of these porous ceramics before and after TiO2 coating was observed by SEM. The TiO2-coated porous ceramics were examined as honeycomb photocatalytic microreactors. The photocatalytic activity was evaluated using the decomposition of methylene blue solution for radiation angles of 0° and 10° with respect to the pore axis. The highest photocatalytic activity was obtained for the porous ceramic having the pore diameter of 0.1 mm, coated with titanyl(IV)acetylacetonate and irradiated with a light angle of 0° with respect to the pore axis.