Date: 19 Nov 2012

Using scientific detective videos to support the design of technology learning activities

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This article examines the effect of scientific detective video as a vehicle to support the design of technology activities by technology teachers. Ten graduate students, including current and future technology teachers, participated in a required technology graduate course that used scientific detective videos as a pedagogical tool to motivate their interest in science and technology and to reinforce creative competence in designing technology learning activities (TLAs). The participants watched three scientific detective videos and analyzed them for scientific principles and technologies. An analysis report and interview were conducted to collect participants’ understanding and application of scientific principles and technologies. The main findings were that (a) influencing teacher’s design of TLAs through scientific detective videos is feasible; (b) prior personal conditions and external factors influence teacher’s design of TLAs; and (c) the analysis of scientific detective videos helps teachers to design TLAs appropriately. This study demonstrated the broad utility of scientific detective videos for inspiring technology teachers to integrate science and technology in their activity design.