Date: 29 Apr 2014

Understanding health information technology adoption: A synthesis of literature from an activity perspective

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The vast body of literature on health information technology (HIT) adoption features considerably heterogeneous factors and demands for a synthesis of the knowledge in the field. This study employs text mining and network analysis techniques to identify the important concepts and their relationships in the abstracts of 979 articles of HIT adoption. Through the lens of Activity Theory, the revealed concept map of HIT adoption can be viewed as a complex activity system involving different users, technologies and tasks at both the individual level and the social level. Such a synthesis not only discloses the current knowledge domain of HIT adoption, but also provides guidance for future research on HIT adoption.

This research was partially supported by the NIH grant #5G11HD038438-08 awarded to the first author, and the grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China (71002012) awarded to the second author.