, Volume 30, Issue 5, pp 445-447
Date: 01 Jul 2010

Editorial: Laser flare (cell) photometry: 20 years already

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Two decades ago, Sawa et al. [1] published an article entitled “New quantitative method to determine protein concentration and cell number in the aqueous in vivo” in the Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology. This work represented a milestone in the evolution of measurement of intra-ocular inflammation. The laser flare (cell) photometer (LF(C)P) became commercially available in 1989–1990 and this technology promoted flare from a qualitative parameter to the only quantitative modality we have to measure intra-ocular inflammation.

In 1954, the first grading system of anterior intra-ocular inflammation using slit-lamp observation of the aqueous humor was proposed by a group of clinicians from the Proctor Foundation and had the merit of standardizing, at least in theory, inflammatory levels in the anterior chamber [2]. Although the system was supposed to set precise standards, it left a lot of space, especially as far as flare was concerned, for inter-observer and intra-observer variation, as i ...