, Volume 25, Issue 5-6, pp 299-319
Date: 07 Mar 2006

Oculo-renal Disorders in Infectious Diseases

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Background: The aim of this article is to review the potential ocular and renal disorders in infectious diseases to which humans are susceptible and to determine prevalence of these diseases. Methods: Published cases of oculo-renal disorders associated with various infectious diseases were collected from the international literature by searching the MEDLINE database (PUBMED 1970–2004) for original reports and review articles published in English. Citations from papers retrieved were screened and retrieved papers were evaluated. Results: Based on the screened data, we propose a practical, structure-oriented checklist of such lesions divided into bacterial, viral, parasital, and fugal infections. Conclusion: The oculorenal manifestations of infectious diseases may be flagrant or subtle. Awareness of the signs and symptoms of infections allows early recognition and prompt, appropriate management. The clinical presentation and relative frequency of those manifestations are reviewed.