, Volume 16, Issue 3, pp 131-141
Date: 07 Jul 2009

Energy Efficient Reliable Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks with Asymmetric Links

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Field measurements reveal that radio link asymmetry has a severe impact on reliable data delivery. We analyze the energy efficiencies of selected reliability schemes for asymmetric radio links using theoretical models. The analysis provides guidelines for retransmission control so as to balance between reliability and energy consumption. We also design two enhancements to the “implicit” ARQ scheme addressing the negative effects of asymmetric radio links. The energy efficiencies of these algorithms are explicitly derived using our theoretical model and validated by simulations and field trials. Based on the analysis of the two enhanced algorithms, we propose an improvement, referred to as Energy Efficient Reliable Data Collection (EERDC) that controls the retransmissions of the enhanced ARQ schemes. Simulations and field trials confirm our theoretical findings and demonstrate that our proposed EERDC algorithm alleviates the impact of link asymmetry and achieves energy savings.