, Volume 45, Issue 5, pp 896-907
Date: 22 Mar 2006

Elliptical Solutions to the Standard Cosmology Model with Realistic Values of Matter Density

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We have examined a solution to the FRW model of the Einstein and de Sitter Universe, often termed the standard model of cosmology, using wide values for the normalized cosmic constant (Ω) and spacetime curvature (Ω k ) with proposed values of normalized matter density. These solutions were evaluated using a combination of the third type of elliptical equations and were found to display critical points for redshift z, between 1 and 3, when Ω is positive. These critical points occur at values for normalized cosmic constant higher than those currently thought important, though we find this solution interesting because the Ω term may increase in dominance as the Universe evolves bringing this discontinuity into importance. We also find positive Ωtends towards attractive at values of z which are commonly observed for distant galaxies.