Date: 09 Aug 2007

Millimeter-wave Detectors Based on Antenna-coupled Low-barrier Schottky Diodes

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The principles of construction of millimeter wave detectors based on low-barrier Schottky diodes and planar antennas are discussed. The modified planar slot antenna with low beam spillover at the resonant frequency of 94 GHz has been developed. Experiments have been carried out to investigate detecting characteristics of the diodes with differential contact resistances \( R_{j} = 1 \div 1000\;{\text{k}}\Omega \) at zero bias. Experimental data are well correspond to calculations in a simple model of detector. At \( R_{j} = 20 \div 100\;{\text{k}}\,\OmegaΩ \) the maximum of rf-to-dc voltage sensitivity - more than 10000 V/W - is obtained. At lower values of \( R_{j} = 2 \div 6\;{\text{k}}\,\Omega Ω \) a better noise equivalent power (NEP), around 10−12 W Hz−1/2, is predicted.