, Volume 219, Issue 1-3, pp 63-67
Date: 14 Nov 2012

Mössbauer study of FINEMET with different permeability

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Stress field and magnetic field annealed FINEMET ribbons were investigated by 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy, magnetic and XRD methods. The change in relative areas of the 2nd and 5th lines in the Mössbauer spectra indicated significant variation in magnetic anisotropy due to the different annealing. High velocity resolution Mössbauer spectroscopy was also used to control the model applied for the evaluation of Mössbauer spectra. A correlation was found between the permeability and the magnetic anisotropy of the annealed FINEMET samples. This can be applied to predict production parameters of FINEMET ribbons with more favorable soft magnetic properties for technological applications.