, Volume 221, Issue 1-3, pp 7-14
Date: 16 Nov 2012

NMR studies of magnetic properties in Heusler-type Mn 3 Si

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In order to microscopically investigate the magnetic properties of both paramagnetic and antiferromagnetic phases in Mn3Si (T N = 23 K), the 55Mn NMR has been carried out at temperatures between 2.2 K and 300 K. The temperature dependences of the spectrum, Knight shift (or resonance frequency shift) and spin-lattice relaxation time T 1 of 55Mn NMR have been measured. In the paramagnetic phase, only one resonance spectrum can be obtained. The observed spectrum is identified to be a signal corresponding to the Mn(II) site. In the antiferromagnetic phase, two different spectra corresponding to the Mn(I) and Mn(II) sites are found at the resonance frequencies of 145 and 6 MHz, respectively, by the zero field NMR at 4.2 K. From these results, the internal magnetic fields on the 55Mn(I) and 55Mn(II) nuclei are found to be 13.6 and 0.6 T, respectively. According to the NMR results, the helical structure in incommensurate Mn spin states is better explained compared with the transverse sinusoidal structure.