, Volume 199, Issue 1-3, pp 29-38
Date: 03 May 2011

The LPCTrap experiment: measurement of the β-ν angular correlation in 6He+ decay using a transparent Paul trap

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The LPCTrap experiment is devoted to the precise measurement of the β-ν angular correlation parameter, a βν , in the pure Gamow-Teller decay of 6He+. This experiment is motivated by the search of the presence of tensor type contributions in the weak interaction. The radioactive source is confined in a transparent Paul trap installed at LIRAT, the low energy beam line of the SPIRAL facility. The β-ν correlation is studied by measuring the time of flight of the recoil ions detected in coincidence with the β particles. During the last experiment, a total of 4 × 106 coincidence events have been recorded which would enable to determine the coefficient with a statistical uncertainty of 0.5%. The status of the analysis is presented in this contribution.