, Volume 705, Issue 1, pp 55-61
Date: 19 Nov 2012

Effects of predation by the copepod Mesocyclops ogunnus on the sex ratios of mosquito Aedes albopictus

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Cyclopoid copepods are important predators in many aquatic ecosystems and have been used as biological agents in successful programs to control mosquito larvae. However, the impacts of this predation on adult mosquito populations are still poorly understood. The present study compared the sex ratios and body sizes (measured as wing length) of Aedes albopictus mosquitoes emerging from recipients containing the copepod predator Mesocyclops ogunnus with control situations without this predator. We found that copepod predation significantly biased mosquito sex ratios toward females, and that both the males and females emerging from copepod-containing recipients were significantly larger than control insects. The ecological and epidemiological consequences of the changes induced by copepod predation on mosquito populations are discussed.

Handling editor: Katya E. Kovalenko