, Volume 676, Issue 1, pp 1-7
Date: 20 Oct 2011

Preface: Cladocera crustaceans: sentinels of environmental change

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Growing awareness of the negative impacts of global change urges scientists to look for adequate means to assess past and ongoing environmental change. The extent and dynamics of natural ecosystem variability is not yet fully clear, though understanding of this variability is crucial for predicting future trends (IPCC, 2007). Paleolimnological records holding valuable proxy information in the form of sediment features, geochemical records and micro- and macrofossil assemblages, can complement observational data by extending timescales, integrating sub-annual variability and expanding the range of sites that can be studied (Battarbee et al., 2005). Modern limnological time-series, though limited in space and time, can still add crucial information to these surveys. Similarly, in situ and laboratory experiments can complement paleolimnological approaches by improving our mechanistic understanding of the relationship between proxy indicators and their environment.

Cladocera (Crus ...

Guest editors: H. Eggermont & K. Martens / Cladocera as indicators of environmental change.