, Volume 598, Issue 1, pp 35-45
Date: 12 Sep 2007

The distributions of autumn picoplankton in relation to environmental factors in the reservoirs along the Wujiang River in Guizhou Province, SW China

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Autumn picoplankton (Synechococcus, picoeukaryotes and heterotrophic bacteria) and environmental factors have been investigated in a series of reservoirs along the Wujiang River in Guizhou Province, SW China. The average abundances of Synechococcus, picoeukaryotes and heterotrophic bacteria was 104, 102 and 106 cells ml−1, respectively. In autumn meso-eutrophic reservoirs, thermal stratification was clear and abundances of different picoplankton groups in release water was low; whereas these phenomena were not obvious in autumn hypereutrophic reservoir. Picoplankton numbers decreased with increasing water depth and showed a positive correlation with water temperature, which reflected the importance of light and temperature on the picoplankton growth. Contribution of Synechococcus to total phytoplankton production and contribution of picoeukaryotes to total phytoplankton production asynchronous changed with varying trophic states. Synechococcus preferred meso-eutrophic reservoirs over hypereutrophic reservoir and picoeukaryotes showed no preference for the investigated reservoirs in autumn.

Handling editor: L. Naselli-Flores