, Volume 538, Issue 1-3, pp vii-xiii

Preface: The phylogeny, fossil record and ecological diversity of ostracod crustaceans

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After more than two centuries of research, more than 65,000 living and fossil ostracod species have been described and studied, yet much remains to be learned about this ancient, widespread and diverse group of bivalved arthropods. Their higher classification and phylogeny are subjects of vigorous debate, as is their position in the broader picture of crustacean phylogeny. At the same time, major advances in our understanding of ostracod lineages and their relationships are resulting from the application of innovative approaches and techniques. This preface provides a contextual overview of the 15 contributions to this volume, which resulted from the 14th International Symposium on Ostracoda (ISO2001) held in 2001at Shizuoka, Japan. As such it provides a cross-section of topics at the forefront of research on the evolution and diversity of Ostracoda, and indicates directions for future work.