, Volume 34, Issue 3, pp 309-331

Latin American Philosophy at a Crossroads

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In recent years a cottage industry of secondary research in philosophy has emerged that aims to provide introductory yet detailed analyses of emerging trends in the discipline’s various sub-fields. Rarely do we encounter an authoritative volume that serves as a comprehensive guide and a timely touchtone to the state of the discipline itself. Nuccetelli, Schutte, and Bueno’s (eds.) A Companion to Latin American Philosophy, consisting of 36 previously unpublished entries written by forty-two of the field’s leading scholars, performs such a task.

Here, for the first time, a wide-ranging and inclusive anthology of Latin American philosophy exists that makes original, in-depth overviews of seminal themes and ideas in the field available to the English-speaking world, watering an increasing scholarly interest in the field while also acknowledging the layered, meta-philosophical complexities involved in representing Latin American perspectives to English-speaking readers. This is espec