, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 231-236
Date: 24 Jun 2011

Richard Capobianco: Engaging Heidegger

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Richard Capobianco’s book, Engaging Heidegger, is an example of the best type of scholarship in Heidegger studies. He offers eight careful studies that trace developments, changes, turns and returns in Heidegger’s thought as they relate to specific themes and topics. His perceptive eye for nuance and cautious, close and historical reading allows the author to avoid the deceptions inherent in large scale narratives about the development of any philosopher’s thought as well as the distortive projection of a single position onto a thought that twisted and turned its way through decades of critical self-reflection. In this way Capobianco places himself in the service of the burgeoning self-differentiating thought of one of the most important philosophers of the twentieth century.

Capobianco also reveals himself to be committed to presenting Heidegger’s thought with a clarity that makes this work accessible to both new and experienced students of Heidegger’s philosophy. We see the author’s s ...