, Volume 27, Issue 2, pp 161-166
Date: 04 Mar 2011

Edmund Husserl: Untersuchungen zur Urteilstheorie. Texte aus dem Nachlass (18931918), ed. Robin Rollinger

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Edmund Husserl’s philosophical maturation is so closely related to his aim of clarifying the concept of judgment that it can even be said that the various modalities of his phenomenology over the decades—psychognostic, logico-realist, transcendentalist—are merely different approaches to this phenomenon. Support for this exegetic idea can be found in the Hua XL, recently edited by Robin Rollinger. Two main merits make this volume particularly valuable: first, it affords access to writings that have not been published previously. These texts span the period from 1893 to 1918 (most of them stem from the convolute called “U-Blätter”) and document the profundity with which the author considered the problem. This profundity does not emerge in Husserl’s publications. In fact, several topics discussed in Hua XL are either not investigated in such detail there, or are altogether absent, e.g., the phenomenology of hypothetic judgments (cf. pp. 1–30), the relations between logical and ontological ...