, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp 89-108

A Spreadsheet Module for Consistent Consensus Building in AHP-Group Decision Making

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This paper presents a spreadsheet module developed with Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic to search for consensus when dealing with AHP in group decision making. On the basis of the theoretical results included in the paper Moreno-Jiménez et al. (2003), this spreadsheet module allows us to construct, in a local context (one criterion), the Consistent Consensus Matrix (CCM) corresponding to the core of consistency associated with the actors involved in the decision making process. By means of simulation techniques, this module provides, for each of the different values of the inconsistency thresholds considered, the preference structures derived from the interval incomplete matrix (CCM) that represents the group’s core of consistency. This information will be used to establish consensus paths between the actors involved in the resolution process, one of the most important goals in distributed and participatory decision making.

This paper has received partial financial support from the Research Project of the University of Zaragoza (2002): “Herramientas decisionales para el constructivismo cognitivo” (ref. 228-056). A previous version of this paper has been presented at the Group Decision and Negotiation session of the EURO-INFORMS Congress in Istanbul, 2003.