, Volume 59, Issue 8, pp 1899-1906
Date: 09 Oct 2012

Characterization of Vitis cinerea Engelm. ex Millardet fruits from the southern region of the State of Mexico, Mexico

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The berries of eight plants of Vitis cinerea Engelm. ex Millardet growing in the mountains of the southern region of the State of Mexico, Mexico, during 2008–2010 (three seasons) were characterized according to the IPGRI descriptor. In addition, the fruit phenolics, total and reducing sugars and total soluble solids (TSS) were determined. Plant 169 produced over 100 fruits per bunch, with a berry weight of 0.32 g; these fruits presented an increased TSS value (20.4°B). The fruit phenolic content was increased in the berries of all the plants (at least 3 mg g−1 fresh weight) compared with the values reported for the commercial cultivars. Principal components 1 and 2 explained nearly 65 % of the observed variance. According to the biplot analysis, three groups were formed. Plants 169 and 183 were correlated with fruits per bunch, seeds per 10 fruits, the weight of berries per bunch, TSS, total sugars, bunch width and length. Plants 176, 188 and 129 were correlated with phenols, reducing sugars, seed weight in 10 fruits, seed length, the weight of 10 fruits, the weight of 100 seeds, and fruit and seed width. Additionally, plants 148, 180 and 184 were associated with peduncle length.