Research Article

General Relativity and Gravitation

, Volume 39, Issue 3, pp 227-240

First online:

Regularized expression for the gravitational energy-momentum in teleparallel gravity and the principle of equivalence

  • J. W. MalufAffiliated withInstituto de Física, Universidade de Brasília Email author 
  • , M. V. O. VeigaAffiliated withInstituto de Física, Universidade de Brasília
  • , J. F. da Rocha-NetoAffiliated withUniversidade Federal do Tocantins

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The expression of the gravitational energy-momentum defined in the context of the teleparallel equivalent of general relativity is extended to an arbitrary set of real-valued tetrad fields, by adding a suitable reference space subtraction term. The characterization of tetrad fields as reference frames is addressed in the context of the Kerr space–time. It is also pointed out that Einstein’s version of the principle of equivalence does not preclude the existence of a definition for the gravitational energy-momentum density.


Gravitational energy Teleparallelism Principle of equivalence