, Volume 128, Issue 1-3, pp 205-216

Tuareg, a novel miniature-inverted repeat family of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) related to the PIF superfamily of maize

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Miniature-inverted repeat transposable elements (MITEs) are abundantly repeated in plant genomes and are especially found in genic regions where they could contribute regulatory elements for gene expression. We describe with molecular and cytological tools the first MITE family reported in pearl millet: Tuareg. It was initially detected in the pearl millet ortholog of Teosinte-branched1, an important developmental gene involved in the domestication of maize. The Tuareg family was amplified recently in the pearl millet genome and elements were found more abundant in wild than in domesticated plants. We found that they shared similarity in their terminal repeats with the previously described mPIF MITEs and that they are also present in other Pennisetum species, in maize and more distantly related grasses. The Tuareg family may be part of MITEs activated by PIF-like transposases and it could have been mobile since pearl millet domestication.

O. Robin contributed the FISH and fiber-FISH hybridizations.