, Volume 24, Issue 2, pp 399-426

A New Computer Program for Pile Capacity Prediction using CPT Data

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An interactive computer program “GLAMCPT” is developed for application in soil profiling and prediction of pile load capacity using cone penetration test (CPT) and laboratory soil test results. GLAMCPT calculates pile capacity according to 10 selected methods from European design codes, refereed international publications and recommendations of professional institutions. To demonstrate the capabilities of the program, a database of comprehensive ground investigation and full-scale pile tests in sand, at a Belgian site, is analysed using GLAMCPT. The database comprises 11 static tests and 12 dynamic tests on piles of different construction techniques, including driven pre-cast concrete piles and screwed cast in-situ piles, installed using 5 different procedures. Prior to pile installation, CPTs were carried out at each proposed pile location. Comparison of GLAMCPT predictions with the observed pile capacities reveals that the most accurate of the existing methods yields an average, μ, of predicted to observed pile head capacity [P uh(p)/P uh(m)] equal to 0.94. The most consistent method produces a coeffcient of variation (COV) of [P uh(p)/P uh(m)] equal to 0.1 and ranking index (RI) of 0.08. Parametric studies have been carried out using GLAMCPT to formulate an improved predictive method, which yielded: μ = 0.99, COV = 0.07 and RI = 0.04.