, Volume 145, Issue 1, pp 1-8
Date: 07 Aug 2007

Crack shielding and amplification due to multiple microcracks interacting with a macrocrack

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We investigate the effect of crack shielding and amplification of various arrangements of microcracks on the stress intensity factors of a macrocrack, including large numbers of arbitrarily aligned microcracks. The extended finite element method is used for these studies. In some cases the numerical XFEM simulation provides results that are more accurate than currently available analytical approximations because the assumptions are less restrictive than those made in obtaining analytical approximations. Stress intensity factors for the tip of a macrocrack under the influence of nearby microcracks are calculated under far field mode 1 boundary conditions. For a microcrack aligned with the macrocrack the numerical results agree quite well with the analytically exact stress intensity factors. The influence of the distance to the macrocrack tip and the rotation angle is investigated for unaligned microcracks, and it is shown in several examples with many randomly distributed microcracks that the influence of those microcracks which are not in close proximity to the macrocrack tip is on the order of 5%.