Foundations of Physics

, Volume 44, Issue 5, pp 557-575

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On the Gravitization of Quantum Mechanics 1: Quantum State Reduction


This paper argues that the case for “gravitizing” quantum theory is at least as strong as that for quantizing gravity. Accordingly, the principles of general relativity must influence, and actually change, the very formalism of quantum mechanics. Most particularly, an “Einsteinian”, rather than a “Newtonian” treatment of the gravitational field should be adopted, in a quantum system, in order that the principle of equivalence be fully respected. This leads to an expectation that quantum superpositions of states involving a significant mass displacement should have a finite lifetime, in accordance with a proposal previously put forward by Diósi and the author.


Quantum theory Linear superposition Measurement Gravitation Principle of equivalence Diósi-Penrose state reduction