, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 365-380
Date: 19 Sep 2009

An approach to aggregation of ordinal information in multi-criteria multi-person decision making using Choquet integral of Fubini type

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An algorithm for the selection among n alternatives based on the evaluation of n (distinct) groups of persons according to the same m criteria is described. The evaluation of each person for each criterion is represented by a proportional ordinal 2-tuple and the overall opinion is aggregated by a pair of quantifier-guided ordered weighted averaging (OWA) aggregation and (floating) anchoring value-based ordered weighted averaging (AV-OWA) aggregation operators. An example is provided to illustrate the algorithm. The decision function of the algorithm is shown to be a Choquet integral of the associated function of two variables (corresponding to the two aggregation processes in the algorithm) which can be accomplished alternatively by a Choquet integral of Fubini type.

This paper was an extended version of the paper “Aggregation of ordinal information in multi-criteria multi-person decision making based on Choquet integral of Fubini type” that has appeared in computational intelligence in decision and control: proceedings of the 8th international FLINS conference (pp. 525–530).