Foundations of Science

, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp 385-390

First online:

Technology and the Myth of ‘Natural Man’

  • Helena De PreesterAffiliated withFaculty of Fine Arts, University College GhentDepartment of Philosophy and Moral Science, Ghent University Email author 

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The main suggestions and objections raised by Don Ihde and Charles Lenay to my ‘Technology and the body: the (im)possibilities of re-embodiment’ are summarized and discussed. On the one hand, I agree that we should pay more attention to whole body experience and to further resisting Cartesian assumptions in the field of cognitive neuroscience and philosophy of cognition. On the other hand, I explain that my account in no way presupposes the myth of ‘natural man’ or of a natural, delineated body from before the fall into technology.


Embodiment Technology Incorporation Extension