, Volume 15, Issue 1, p 117
Date: 08 Nov 2011

Richard P. Pohanish and Stanley A. Greene: Wiley guide to chemical incompatibilities, 3rd edn

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The term “incompatibles” refers to a wide range of chemical reactions that produce undesirable results in uncontrolled situations—generation of toxic gases, fire, explosions, corrosion, polymerization, ruptured containers, creation of dangerous compounds, etc.

The first edition of this standard reference work appeared in 1997 as Rapid Guide to Chemical Incompatibilities (paperback, 886 pp.), and the second edition (hardbound, 1296 pp.) appeared in 2003 under the present title. This latest edition contains almost 9,000 alphabetically arranged, concise chemical incompatibility profiles, all rewritten and expanded, as well as nearly 250 new entries providing concise information on flammability, violent and explosive binary reactions, incompatibilities, and reactions that may result from physical change. More flashpoints; molecular formulas; lower and upper explosive limits; autoignition temperatures; information on the effects of chemicals coming into contact with construction materials, i ...