, Volume 21, Issue 3, pp 311-314
Date: 02 Nov 2012

Martha Albertson Fineman, Jack E. Jackson and Adam P. Romero (eds): Feminist and Queer Legal Theory: Intimate Encounters, Uncomfortable Conversations

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Feminism and queer theory make for unlikely bedfellows. In this substantial collection, the editors have drawn together a diverse collection of essays that lay bare the tensions and alliances between feminist and queer approaches to legal theory. The volume includes 21 substantive chapters, around half of which are entirely new works, the others being either re-printings or re-workings of earlier published essays. In the introduction, Fineman argues that “there is much to be gained from negotiating the fault lines and building off the highly critical intellectual energies that the queer-feminist tensions have produced” (p.6). This sets the scene for the theoretical fireworks that the substantive chapters set light.

The collection is organised into five parts, each with a brief introduction setting out the aims and contents of that section. Part One, ‘Queer With or Without Feminist Legal Theory’, seeks to introduce “some of the key texts, political positions and institutional-ideological ...