, Volume 15, Issue 3-4, pp 209-228
Date: 30 Jan 2009

Empirical Investigation of the Ability of Sensitivity of Stock Prices to Earnings News in Predicting Earnings Management and Management Forecast Errors

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This paper presents an evidence that a firm’s Sensitivity of Stock Price to Earnings News (SSPEN), as measured by surplus stock demand over its supply, affects on incentives to manage earnings and, in turn, Management Forecast Errors (MFE). In particular, we find a tendency for firms rated a Sell (Buy) to engage more (less) frequently in extreme, income-decreasing Earnings Management (EM), indicating that they have relatively stronger (weaker) incentives to create accounting reserves especially in the form of earnings baths than other firms. In contrast, firms rated a Buy (Sell) are more (less) likely to engage in earnings management that leaves reported earnings equal to or slightly higher than management forecasts. The result of empirical evidence from Iranian firms in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) showing the existence of a meaningful relationship between SSPEN and EM. Generally, SSPEN can be used to predict EM and Forecast Errors (FEs).