, Volume 21, Issue 2, pp 101-123
Date: 09 Jan 2007

Large-scale diffractive X-ray telescopes

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Capabilities of large-scale diffractive X-ray telescopes are discussed. Based on purely transmissive optics, an angular resolution of at least 10−3 arcsec will be achieved using detection techniques with spectral selectivities in the sub-eV range for short focal distances of few 102 km. We use stepped versions of Fresnel apertures made of plastic foils, divided into optically independent segments by two alternative schemes. It is shown that point source sensitivities near 103 cm2 keV require lens diameters up to 30 m. Like monochromatic objectives, properly shaped dual- or multiband telescopes may be tuned over several keV. Such configurations are made of partial Fresnel lenses with coinciding focal distances and similar spot sizes and compete well with single-band analogues.