, Volume 192, Issue 2, pp 181-187
Date: 17 Nov 2012

Identification of soybean mosaic virus resistance alleles in Jindou 1 soybean

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Jindou 1 is a soybean cultivar from China, which is resistant to all seven Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) strains identified in the U.S. An F2 population consisted of 91 plants derived from the cross Jindou 1× Essex were used for genetic analysis of SMV resistance. The segregation analysis of the F2 population indicated that Jindou 1 contained a dominant gene for SMV G1 resistance. Co-segregating analyses showed that the gene was tightly linked to a SNP marker, 3gG2-snp2, which was derived from the SMV Rsv1 candidate gene 3gG2, with a genetic distance 1.1 cM and the gene was independent to the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) marker, Barc-040713-07825, which is linked to Rsv4 on chromosome 2 (linkage group D1b). The gene in Jindou 1 was assumed to be Rsv1-y based on an Rsv1-specific PCR-based marker 3gG2-f1/r1 and the SNP maker 3gG2-snp1. Beside Rsv1-y, Jindou 1 was postulated to have Rsv3 based on the reaction pattern to 7 SMV strains G1–G7 in comparisons with the patterns in SMV differential lines.