, Volume 140, Issue 1-2, pp 55-64

Histochemical and supramolecular studies in determining quality of hemp fibres for textile applications

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The composition and supramolecular structure of hemp primary bast fibres have been assessed using microscopy, compositional analysis, wide-angle X-ray diffractometry and CP-MAS 13C-NMR, in order to unambiguously define some quality parameters. The main components of the fibre wall were detected by histochemical reactions and modifications occurring during the plant growth have been pointed out. Some differences in fibre lignification degree were recorded among cultivars and confirmed by means of compositional and structural analysis. As for flax and kenaf, X-ray patterns revealed semicrystalline structure of hemp cellulose. NMR spectra and their probabilistic elaboration by MaxEnt method gave further insight on the presence of paracrystalline and amorphous phases and provided an accurate evaluation of polymeric components.