, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp 217-218
Date: 14 Apr 2012

Eva Buddeberg: Verantwortung im Diskurs: Grundlinien einer rekonstruktiv-hermeneutischen Konzeption moralischer Verantwortung im Anschluss an Hans Jonas, Karl-Otto Apel und Emmanuel Lévinas

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This is not your ordinary book about moral responsibility. In much of contemporary discussion, centre stage is held by characters such as the psychopath and other fringe cases whose very capacity for responsible action is in doubt. Eva Buddeberg does not share this preoccupation with the agential conditions of moral responsibility. Instead she addresses the more basic question of what responsibility means and aims to establish the grounds on which human beings are responsible to others. Verantwortung im Diskurs is an ambitious book: Its agenda is to place the notion of responsibility right at the foundation of morality.

Among the many varieties of responsibility that philosophers have come to distinguish, Buddeberg’s main concern is best identified as answerability. Accordingly, her book begins by elaborating on the relational analysis of responsibility: some subject is responsible for some object to some authority. As Buddeberg sees it, responsibility is about providing a justification ...