, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 137-138
Date: 03 Jun 2011

Igor Primoratz & Aleksander Pavkovic (Eds.), Patriotism: Philosophical and Political Perspectives

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Patriotism, along with the closely associated concept nationalism, is one that has developed distinctly negative connotations within popular political discourse. Indeed it has for some time been commonly referred to as the ‘last refuge of the scoundrel’. Within the disciplines of moral and political philosophy, however, both have recently been subjects of renewed debate. Patriotism is often condemned by cosmopolitan thinkers, as a result of its supposed moral partiality. It is most often defended by communitarians as providing the motivation to act in the common interest that is beyond the merely political. However there is often some conceptual confusion surrounding patriotism. It is often taken to be conceptually akin to nationalism, therefore proponents and opponents of patriotism are commonly found discussing nationalism rather than patriotism. This has lead to a more significant and compelling debate concerning the distinction between nationalism and patriotism and the potential m ...