, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp 253-255
Date: 16 Sep 2010

Barbara Bleisch/ Peter Schaber (eds.), Weltarmut und Ethik, Paderborn: Mentis 2007, 342 pp

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Global justice has become what people these days like to call a “hot topic”. There has indeed been a plethora of publications during the last few years, not merely on issues of justice and rights, i.e. on moral demands and obligations in the narrower sense of the term, but also on charity, duties to aid, or global responsibilities. This collection of essays is not different from others in that it covers a wide variety of related themes, ranging from general considerations concerning individual and collective responsibility to specific analyses of other scholars’ contributions or legal treatises. It is, however, one of the very first publications in German with a particular focus on world poverty. One of the benefits of the anthology is that it combines established and renowned scholars, such as David Miller and Thomas Pogge, with young but very able philosophers, mostly from a German-speaking background. I suppose it will mainly be used as a teaching resource, and this is where its str ...