, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 69-71
Date: 08 Nov 2012

Rocci Luppicini: Ethical impact of technological advancements and applications in society

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The rate at which technology has penetrated most aspects of contemporary life—economic, ecological, political, educational, cultural, and social—would seem to support Heidegger’s (1977b) famous declaration, “Technology is relentlessly overtaking us”. Thus, as Kalantzis-Cope (2011, p. 8) notes, we may indeed need to think more critically about the properties of new technologies, the cultural content that flows through them, and the social forms that new technologies both reproduce and disrupt.

Highlighting the fact that in the modern era, each new innovation poses its own special ethical dilemma, the essays included in Ethical Impact of Technological Advancements and Applications in Society address many of these dilemmas and challenges. Comprising 21 chapters, this volume also addresses the question, “How can human society adapt to these new forms of expression, commerce, government, citizenship, and learning while holding onto its ethical and moral principles”?

Chapter 1, which takes a m ...